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Spheres All Year

Published by Science, Naturally! (June 2023)


Kids quickly learn to recognize circles, squares, and triangles. But what about the shapes we can hold in our hands, stack, or roll across the floor? Introduce the early math concept of three-dimensional shapes with the help of charming illustrations and catchy rhymes! 


From a little ball of cookie dough to the huge Earth we live on, Spheres All Year teaches children to recognize the spherical objects that surround them in nature and in their everyday lives. This engaging, clever, informative book takes readers on a tour of the four seasons. Rain or shine, in the summer heat or a winter snowstorm, there are always spheres to discover.


With this book as their guide, curious children will set out to see how many more spheres they can find on their own. Spheres All Year is an inspiration for any child eager to observe and interact with the world—and the spheres—around them.


Age Range: 2-7


Available to purchase at any book retailer, including: