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This is the Sun

Traditionally published by Science, Naturally! (October 2022)


Follow along as a young tree uses light from the Sun to make its own food, then passes its energy along the food chain. Readers see how each living thing in the food web provides energy to the next, over and over again, until it circles back to a brand new sprout growing toward the Sun.


Age Range: 4-7


Winner of the 2022 Brain Child Award!


Winner of the 2022 Creative Child Book of the Year Award!

Category: Books for Kids or Parents: Books on Nature 


Available to purchase at any book retailer, including:

Publisher: Science, Naturally!
Barnes and Noble
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"This Is the Sun does an extraordinary job of capturing nature's splendor and impressing upon young readers the interconnectedness of all living things. The artwork is nothing short of dazzling, as is the way each new page's words and images build on those introduced earlier. This playful, rhythmic approach uses repetition to marvelous effect in expressing both the interdependence of our planet's many species and an implied fragility. Kids, recognizing that they themselves are an undeniable part of this enjoyably revealed grandeur, respond with wonder and delight!"

—Dan Levy, Tillywig Toy and Media Awards


"This book is beautifully illustrated in that Eric Carle style. It's vibrant, dynamic and so much fun to read. It builds in excitement and fun as you continue adding more parts of the food cycle. I will definitely be sharing this with the children in my life. Though honestly I, as an adult, will probably read it once in a while just for fun!



"This adorable book would be the perfect companion for parents and their young children on a nature walk together.... If you are looking for an irresistible book to give children as a gift, with an educational, meaningful flavor, definitely choose This is the Sun by Elizabeth Everett. A hardcover edition would be a treasure for any bookshelf."

—Reader Views