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The Perfect Picture Book
Authors and illustrators share what their picture books are perfect for

A Stone Is a Story


⬇️ Author Leslie Barnard Booth shares about their picture book A STONE IS A STORY.

"This is the perfect picture book for 

✨ curious kids, 

✨ kids who love rocks, 

✨ and teaching about rocks and the rock cycle."

📚 "This book can also be used to explore deep time and the ways Earth has changed over hundreds of millions of years."

Author: Leslie Barnard Booth

Illustrator: Marc Martin

Publisher: Simon & Schuster/McElderry

Publication Date/Year: October 3, 2023


📌 lesliebarnardbooth.com 

📌 Instagram: @lesliebarnardbooth.books

📌 X: @LBB_books