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The Perfect Picture Book
Authors and illustrators share what their picture books are perfect for

A Little Bit of Everything


⬇️ Author Meghana Narayan shares about their picture book A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING.

✨ "This is the perfect picture book for any child who is discovering who they are."

📚 "This book can also be used to encourage children to celebrate their unique narrative and history, while embracing the different identities of their peers. While we often ask children to share "where they come from," we sometimes forget to encourage them to share "where they are" and "where they hope to go." The story is a collection of memories from a young girl, who carries these moments tightly with her as she grows. These memories become a map of who she is. Children reading this story can think about their individual maps, and who they are becoming. While the main character comes from an Asian family, this book was written in a way so that all children, from whatever background or family structure, could find a special connection to the story."

Author: Meghana Narayan

Illustrator: Michelle Carlos

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

Date: March 15, 2024


📌 IG: @teachforthechange  

📌 meghananarayan.com