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The Perfect Picture Book
Authors and illustrators share what their picture books are perfect for

Gift & Box


⬇️ Author Ellen Mayer shares about their new picture book GIFT & BOX:


✨ "This is the perfect picture book for holiday and birthday gift-giving."


This book can also be used to:
📚 explore gift-giving as an expression of love
📚 talk about friendship and working together
📚 talk about grandparent-grandchild relationships
📚 spark creativity
📚 learn about the postal system
📚 discuss different modes of transportation
📚 get ready for a long voyage


Author: Ellen Mayer
Illustrator: Brizida Magro
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf
Publication Date: October 10, 2023


Follow Ellen Mayer:
📌 www.ellenmayerbooks.com
📌 @ellenmayerbooks